nothin’ but Netflix: Confessions of a Superhero

Full disclosure, I was a child model. Nothing major, mind you. My biggest claim to fame was hitting the runway with Shari Lewis and Lambchop, if that gives you any point of reference.Once puberty hit, I realized the agency began pushing me into ‘costumes.’ A Care Bear here (was Surly one of them?), Big Bird there (yet, due to licensing, I was ‘Yellow Bird’). After a half-dozen appearances at local toy stores, I realized the gig was not my bailiwick, and that at no time should Darth Vader be made to feel intimidated by a 7-year-old.

So it ws with more-than-average curiosity that I watched ‘Confessions of a Superhero.’

It is tempting to call these glorified panhandlers ‘sad’ and ‘pathetic,’ but I think director Matt Ogens cares a wee bit more for his subjects than to take the obvious route of holding them up for ridicule.

We witness the range of personalities, from the obsessive (Christopher ‘Superman’  Dennis, who claims to be the son of actress Sandy Dennis) to the sweet ( Jennifer ‘Wonder Woman’ Gehrt) to the dangerous (Maximus ‘Batman’ Allen), as they meander in front of the Mann’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, posing for pics then asking for tips.

Those who get creeped out by costumed characters will no doubt have some fears justified (I have an aunt who is still scared to death of trips to Disney with her child for fear of being approached), as many a suited personality comes across as slightly unhinged.

But others will be at turns saddened by tales of dreams dashed (sometimes you just want to hug Gerht and Joe ‘Incredible Hulk’ McQueen) or share in the excitement as some land legit gigs.

Ogens manages to capture marriage, divorce, arrests, auditions, psychiatrist visits and visits home, fleshing out his stars to be more than just freaks in capes.

If you are curious as I was, you will jump to imdb to see if any actually landed anything worthwhile after the film, but will be disheartened to find that, aside from McQueen, their resumes are heretofore empty.

2 Responses to “nothin’ but Netflix: Confessions of a Superhero”

  1. This Doc. is a Joke! Just like the Director!
    This movie was made with Lies, Deceit & straight out B. S.
    Matt Ogens, (Director & Editor) did alot of bad editing in this movie to make the Actors look like Idiots. He edited 3 sentences together to make it look like something completly else was said. He is also trying to “STEAL” the lives of the Actors, by “Illegal” contracts, so they can never do anything again. Matt Ogens is a Lying, Theiving, Backstabbing, Two-Faced, Arrogant, Sneaky, steaming pile of Bat Guano that is a poor excuse for a Human Being. Matt Ogens gives a BAD name to filmmakers everywhere!

  2. Rob,
    Yes, I was involved in the Film. I am Maxwell “Batman” Allen.
    When we started this film, Matt Ogens made ALL these promises. Talked about how much $$$$ we were going to make, how this would be to our benefit….even said we would have a say on the final editing……ALL OF IT WAS A LIE! Not one truth yet!
    Matt Ogens is a SHIEZTER,plan and simple. Ask any of the Actors in the movie. He has made so much $$$ on this film & the Actors have not seen a dime, as promised by contract. He didn’t even give me a copy of it!
    Matt Ogens keeps calling the Actors and makes ALL these promises and never comes through with them. He does this to “MESS” with the Actors for his own satisfaction and sick sense of humour.
    Matt Ogens is a Lying, Thieving, Backstabbing, Two-Faced, Arrogant, Messed Up, Shiezter, that is a poor excuse for a human bieng, born by some cracked out, two-bit whore. PERIOD!!!
    Send this to everyone you know or you can think of!

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