This site provides me the opportunity to subject others beyond the readers of the Cape Gazette and Beach Paper newspapers to my random ramblings and thoughts on film. There’s this little thing where I live called the Rehoboth Beach Film Society I sort of helped to found. Let’s see, what else? I like nachos and I’m a cuddler.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. I OK with the nachos, but I won’t cuddle with you. Great site, Rob!

  2. Loved wandering around you site enjoying your reviews.
    Love nachos and I will cuddle (spoon) w/you.
    p.s. mischief—i before e

  3. Um, I guess that would be too blatently obvious if I said that was part of the “mischief”? Sad thing is, I made that change long ago and have since reverted back to it…
    Thanks, Ned

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