Quick pick: ‘The Descent: Part 2’

Sorry, Aimee Mann, but “2” is the loneliest number when it comes to cinema.

There is seldom hope for flicks that prominently display the squiggly little digit, especially in horror.

You can dress it in Roman garb, or simply add a subhead in its place, but there is little love for the sequel.

I felt the fear of a bargain-bin treatment of what I considered one of the best horror films of the last decade when it was announced that The Descent: Part 2 was in the works, especially without its original director Neil Marshall.

The film picks up moments after Sarah (played by Shauna Macdonald) exited the ground (in the U.S. release of the film) and is carted off to the hospital for evaluation. The flimsy premise has her returning to the cave with a new snack for the pasty-skinned under-dwellers.

It’s no surprise that she comes face-to-face with left-for-dead Juno (played by Natalie Jackson Mendoza) and the are all forced to fend for themselves again the barrage of albino bat people. Jump scares, night vision and troughs of blood all make up the bulk of the film, but with just enough style to make the film a worthy way to spend a creeped-out night in the dark.

Here is the trailer:

~ by usesoapfilm on March 14, 2010.

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