‘Crazy Heart’: ‘Wrestler’ redux

Did you miss ‘The Wrestler’ in time for the Academy Awards last year?

Fear not, as you can witness essentially the same film (with different names and a different title, mind you) with ‘Crazy Heart,’ currently the only film of award contenders receiving an attendence bump from its three Oscar nods.

Let me be forthright. I will watch Jeff Bridges take a nap. (I have, actually, but stupid “lawyers” do not allow me to elaborate.) And his Shaggy Dog Country Crooner named Bad Blake fits him like a pair or broken-in boots.

Outside of his performance, I am really having trouble recommending this film, instead suggesting to merely pick up the soundtrack.

See if this plot rings the least bit familiar: “A down-on-his-luck ______, whose glory days are long behind him, ekes out a living by performing in run-down_______. He finds inspiration in a young woman a third his age and they begin to fall for one another. Our hero gets the news that his health is in jeopardy, but he knows no other way and continues on his destructive path, health and love be damned.”

Yes, Bridges is dutifully grubby, yes Maggie Gyllenhaal is uncharactically squeaky clean love interest, and yes T. Bone Burnett has some fitting hard-drankin-hard-living tunes on the track. Yet the stench of deja vu linger in practically every scene, and there is not a relationship within that engages us to invest anything more.

Or maybe it’s because I am still enamored with the Aronofsky’s stark, grittier ‘Wrestler’ to find room in my heart for yet another lovable loser like Bad Blake.

~ by usesoapfilm on February 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “‘Crazy Heart’: ‘Wrestler’ redux”

  1. The ending is totally different compared to the wrestler though…

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