Quick pick: Black Dynamite

It may certatainly be a one-joke movie, but it is one that can be spread out to 90 minutes. ‘Black Dynamite’ is part parody, part loving homage to the superfly staples of 70s grindhouse cinema.

It’s more subversive than the grand-daddy ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,’ and it rarely breaks into the outrageousness of a Wayans-sanctioned parody. And really, why work too hard when there are plenty of jokes in the genre already built in.

Michael Jai White (Spawn, himself, who also serves as acreenwriter) is the towering, stoic mass of muscle who’s quick to pull out his weapons both literal and metaphoric.

What keeps the audience’s interest is its detail to the minutae, from the kickin’ soundtrack, to the rushed production values so many films of the era are marked by.

Particularly amusing is the actor who shouts his stage direction as his lines “The black militant turns around startled! ” and an extra who is accidently slapped in the face and hastily (but obviously) replaced during a fight scene.

Everyone keeps a straight face, and it’s aided by a narrative with a purpose (as opposed the the kitchen sink approach marked by all the ‘Movie’ movies).

Bonus points for bringing back Arsenio Hall to the Dog-Pound!

~ by usesoapfilm on November 27, 2009.

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