Natsukashi news and notes

For all three of my faithful followers (thanks again, Uncle Bill!), I have some shameless plugging to do on our sister site, Natsukashi, as we have leapt with both feet forward into the 21st century, establishing our own Facebook page and Twitter account.

That’s right, now you can get all the extra goodies we do not pack in to our weekly program, including video clips, potential future podcasts and a place to generally grouse about what we are doing wrong. Plus, you can get updates from all of our superior frequent contributors and their sites as well.

If you have not checked it out in a while, what’s yer excuse? We’ve been talking to Oscar-winners, major stars of films from our youth and just generally cool peeps. Most recently, we’ve chatted with legendary film maker Jonathan Lynn, director of My Cousin Vinny.

Head on over and tell us what you think, and feel free to float some suggestions, as we will try to track down the film you remember from long ago and put you in contact with the folks who made them. It’s like having your own personal commentary track for the film.

~ by usesoapfilm on November 25, 2009.

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