Become a ‘Natsukashi’ Facebook friend

bannertinyThis has been reprinted from our Natsukashi page, but I want the readers of Use Soap to head over there  as well. ‘Cuz couldn’t we all use more friends in this mad world?

“We here at Natsukashi love sharing our memories, but sometimes it’s good to go out and create some new ones.

So, as we venture off the grid for seven days (we promise, we will be back with some great new guests, and boy do we have some good ones!), please check out our new Natsukashi Facebook page designed by our wonderful contributor Scott Knopf from Sign up and become a fan, so we can get to know our base and hear what you want us to cover here at Natsukashi. Plus, we will fill it with all goodies that we could not pack into our tightly designed format and perhaps give away a T-shirt or two (not that we have any made, I was referring to the ones in our hampers).

Also, be sure to check out our contributors’ blogs, as they celebrate October, our favorite of those 12 months.

That’s right. We said it. Suck it, February!

~ by usesoapfilm on October 14, 2009.

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