Man, I suck at self-promition



So those who know me (all both of you), know that we have started a blog called Natsukashi (Google the meaning, non-film students).

Anyway, I am looking back at the list of guests we’ve had participate with us, and I’m kind blown away: Kelli Maroney, Bill Allen, Herschel Weigrod, Jim Aupperle.

Many may scratch their heads at these names, but take a look at some of their accomplishments on imdb.

It’s an audio podcast blog, but the opportunity to talk with the people who had a hand in creating the cinema of our youth is quite a fun experience, plus, I have never been let down by one of your guests. They have all been thoughtful, fun, honest and candid. I am truly proud of the work we are doing and the people we’ve met. If you get a chance to swing by, please give us a listen. And if you have any films from your youth you would like to revisit (and possibly talk to a celeb), drop me an email at

I may even send you my incredible baked bean recipe.

Meanwhile, go check out our most recent post with Roger Rose, the star of Ski Patrol, written by guest blogger Eric Filipkowski, aka The Hollywood Phony.

~ by usesoapfilm on March 13, 2009.

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