Blame it on ‘Rio’


It’s easy to cloud this review of Duran Duran: Classic Albums: Rio with nostalgia, as I am an unapologetic Duran Duran. These surfers of the 80s new wave were the perfect storm of fashion, sound, mysterious, unintelligable lyrics and, oh yeah, lots of naked women .
‘Bring my timing in, seagulls gather on the wind/ lady screaming, lady leave me out,’
They were also some of the first to usher in the theatrical nature of music videos, which , prior to focused on the band performing, instruments in hand.

Eagle Rock distribution has exhaustively captured the making of this album and it’s subsequent videos with this DVD .

This hour-long doc recounts not only the band’s history, but provides a thorough tour through the actual production of their breakthrough smash ‘Rio.’ Nick Rhodes sits at the mixing board and leads the viewer through a construction of all the unmixed masters and how each is layered to create the finished product.

This may sound very dry and technical, but the band’s ingratiating, warm, knowledgeable style make it anything but, filling the time with anecdotal tales and glimpses into the amount of time and care they took constructing their sound.

And it does not stop there, leading viewers through live shows and behind- the-scenes peeks at the video process , which are equally intimate and entertaining.

Unlike many musical DVDs, the main feature is far from its only draw. It contains about 40 minutes of cut interview footage that is just as compelling, and five in-house performances (without original member Andy Taylor , sadly missing from the affair) recorded at WGBH in Boston . Songs included are: Rio, Save a Prayer, New Religion, Hungry Like the Wolf and personal favorite The Chauffeur. They all sound just as polished today.

Even if their lyrics are still as undecypherable as ever. I never did get a membership into the Union of the Snake, but I would still meet it at the borderline today, if given the chance.

In keeping with the relative PG-13 rating of this site, I offer the censored ‘Girls on Film’ video, but those searching for the smuttier version, it’s out there on the web…at least, that’s what someone told me!

~ by usesoapfilm on November 30, 2008.

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