Shameless self-promotion


Good evening.

For both of my regular visitors (Hi, Dad!), I would like to direct your attention to a site called:

Youo may see a little post on there from yours truly. So why am I pimping myself out like this on my site. I’m glad I asked that. The answer is, because they PAY ME!. That’s right, for every time your little mouse finds it’s way to my name on the site, I will earn a shiny penny!

So please, you owe it to yourself and your country to head over to and check out my scintillating look at the latest blockbuster to grace the direct-to-video market, “Illegal Aliens,” the swansong of that cinematic star that burned too brightly, Anna Nicole Smith (hey, look, if I could throw some spicy pics up there to up the hit count, I would. But that damn restraining order is still in effect…go figure.).

Thanks for enduring, and I promise to not squander all the wealth from this endeavor in a drug-fueled stupor in Thailand (again!).

~ by usesoapfilm on January 28, 2008.

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