It’s a can’t miss, must-see, tear-jerking, thrill-a-minute firing!!!!


So long Petey, and all of your loathsome, suck-up, lavishing of praise.

For anyone who has looked at a film ad on tv, the newspaper, the internet or radio the past few years, you have probably come across the gushing words of one Peter Hammond of Maxim magazine. The bar was never too low for good ol’ Pete to laend his name to 133 positive reviews of the 189 films he reviewed last year alone.

Eric Childress of does a phenomenal job in tallying up those critics across the country who seem a bit over-zealous with their words in exchange for seeing their names in advertising. He has a special place in his bowel for Pete Hammond, and reports of poor Petey’s critical demise here.

~ by usesoapfilm on January 20, 2008.

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